Mario P.M. Schoonderwoerd recently participated in the salvage of the MT Burgos in the Gulf of Mexico (top picture). He studied and graduated in Telecommunicatie (BSc), Law and Government (MA) and Crisis- en Disaster management (MCDm). As a former fire officer on bronze, silver and gold level, he gained in more than 20 years a lot of knowledge and experience in firefighting, rescue and crisis- and disaster management. He was a fire chief/marshal, deputy Regional Chief, lead firefighter, safety officer, investigator and (fire-) chemist expert. He was involved in the emergency response of many smaller and larger incidents.  Over the years he worked as a director-secretary, fire chief/marshal, firefighter expert and senior inspector with the Ministry of the Interior.  By focused and inspirational coaching from the perspective of group-oriented and shared leadership, Mario Schoonderwoerd fosters a culture of cooperation and connectedness. He still works as a certified incident and respond investigator, firefighter expert, safety officer and fire chemist.

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